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Subject Leaders Profile

Miss Williams, Sports and PE Leader


Miss Williams is our Sports and PE leader and has taken on this role with effect from September 2019. Miss Williams is an enthusiastic sports person and has helped and supported with this subject for a long time. Miss Williams is supported by Miss Salisbury with subject leadership. 

Curriculum Information
E21C Primary PE Curriculum Skills Overview 2019-2020

                     Vision Statement:

Blenheim Primary School believes that physical education is an essential part of a child’s educational development. We recognise the importance of promoting and developing a healthy lifestyle and therefore aim to provide a high-quality, broad, rich and engaging curriculum through offering a variety of activities to enhance all skills.

We strive to inspire children to challenge themselves personally and academically through a cross-curricular delivery of physical education. Alongside lessons, we provide frequent opportunities for children across the school to participate in competitions and events, building their resilience and actively embedding our Core Values. There are also a wide variety of lunch time and after school sports clubs run by both staff and external coaches for the children to attend.

Positive and inclusive participation in physical education will enable children to build, self-esteem, team work, and positive attitudes in P.E. and across the curriculum. Subsequently children develop a passion and love for sports both inside and outside of school. This should, in turn, build the foundations for children to have a healthy lifestyle and manage a balanced diet which is also explored in cross-curricular PSHE and Science lessons across the school.