Banksy Class

We are called ‘Banksy’ class, named after the brilliant street artist whose real identity remains a mystery. However, there is no mystery about the three adults working in reception: Mr Taylor, Mrs Clark and Mrs Ayeni.

Our topic for the first half term is ‘Animals’ and we will study one book each week. We will also be looking at the seasons and recognising what changes occur in the autumn, including how animals adapt. We will also be doing self-portraits and talking about how we have changed since birth.

Each week the children will be given homework which will consist of practising the letter sounds that they have learnt that week. They will also have a sheet of maths based upon that week’s learning. In addition, they need to practise reading every day, putting their fingers under the words as they sound them out. They will then be given the opportunity to share their books with their class teacher, demonstrating any new words that they have learnt to read. It is important that the children are given lots of speaking and listening opportunities and that they are able to describe any exciting experiences from their weekends.

P.E. will be on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. This will include gymnastics, dance and ball skill