Dali Class

Welcome to Dali class!

Salvador Dali was an influential 20th century artist who is known for his bizarre and intriguing work. We hope to be inspired by his creativity this year, as we approach the final stage of primary education. Although year 6 is an important year group, we have made sure to pack our terms full of new and exciting adventures.

Our topic for the first half term is ‘Wild West’ and will lead our whole curriculum. We will be looking at Native American history, migration and settlement routes, reading texts linked to cowboys, creating Native American art, and many more surprises.

Homework will remain the same requirements as last year; children will be expected to complete the pages set in their books, read a minimum of five times, learn their weekly spellings and practise times tables. These are invaluable tasks which help us to work together as a team to support your child’s learning, consolidate their classroom experiences and get into good habits for secondary school and beyond. If your child is struggling with any pages and they need support from us, they can of course work through anything that they are stuck on with us during morning work.

P.E. will be on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon, so please ensure that you have a complete kit in school (including plain trainers and plimsoles).

We are so very excited to be working in Dali class, there is an amazing year ahead packed full of new and unique experiences and we cannot wait to see you all grow and flourish even further during your final stages at Blenheim. Please, of course, feel free to chat to us about anything at the end of the day; our door, as you know, is always open.

Miss Salisbury and Mrs Weatherley


Our trip to Brooklands Museum – March 2020 – Technological Advancements