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School Trips

At Blenheim, pupils take part in educational visits each term. We believe that these trips are essential in supporting our pupils’ learning and understanding and contributes to their overall cultural capital. We engage in these trips because we believe: 
  • They increase independence and confidence, self-esteem and self-belief
  • They take children out of their comfort zone as they provide a different level of challenge
  • They contribute to a wider world perspective
  • They are a great way to learn and remember information
  • They make a classroom topic feel new and exciting
  • They teach children new skills
  • They are used to support all kinds of subjects that children learn in the classroom as they provide opportunity for children to put what they have learnt into practice - bringing learning to life

They can benefit teachers as well as children! Teachers can see how their children learn and view the world; this can generate ideas which teachers can bring back into classrooms