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Maths at Blenheim Primary School:  At Blenheim Primary School, we have a mastery approach to teaching mathematics. We achieve this by using a variety of resources and teaching strategies, however we are moving towards a curriculum that follows MathsBeat. We have a whole-school primary maths approach to teaching and learning mathematics in which we foster curiosity, deepen understanding through exploration and problem solving whilst representing mathematics in different contexts. Through this multi-layered approach – coupled with quality first teaching – we aim to meet and exceed the higher expectations set out in the 2014 National Curriculum. We have high expectations of every child and are committed to delivering a broad understanding of the mathematics curriculum that challenges all children to widen their understanding of taught concepts through challenge and perseverance.

Please see each year's curriculum coverage below:

Year 1 - Maths Curriculum

Year 2 - Maths Curriculum

Year 3 - Maths Curriculum

Year 4 - Maths Curriculum

Year 5 - Maths Curriculum

Year 6 - Maths Curriculum