Our School Council

Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 elects a Class Representative to voice their views and interests. Regular school council meetings are held with Ms Koza.

Each classroom has a suggestion box which children throughout the school may place a comment in, for the School Council to debate and decide action on in the meetings. Any outcomes are communicated back to the class by the representatives.

Each term our School Council are given a special project. Last term children were involved in creating reading spaces around the school, which is included in classroom reading areas, as well as contribution and creation of a school library.

Competitions continue to take place each week for the best reading area and this is judged by the school council.

For 2018-2019, the following Councillors were chosen:

Year Name
Year 1 Bertie
Year 2 Evangel
Year 3 Viliami
Year 4 Tesla Izzy
Year 4 Curie Betsie
Year 5 Clara
Year 6 Ledjon

Please see the minutes of the latest school council meeting here.

Citizenship Ceremony – please click here to see the report on the KS2 Council Members visit

For previous minutes, click on the date below:

Meeting on 25 April 2019

Meeting on 14 March 2019

Meeting on 28 February 2019

Meeting on 9 January 2019

Meeting on 22 November 2018

Meeting on 18 October 2018

Meeting on 21 September 2018

Meeting on 14 September 2018